Farting Is Not Everything

Created by :
XI Science 1 Class

Bryan Wisnu Prabowo

Dea Yulistia

Devy Melati

Dwi Ayuni

Genting Sholata Sya

Maulana Malik Fikri


The following story will be special for each of you who want to know the real meaning of love.

One day, there were a grandmother and her maid in a big house. The maid had been living together with her for about seven years. The maid was so loyal to the grandmother. She was also diligent to do everything that the grandmother asked.

One morning, the grandmother called her maid.

G : “Uni . . . Uni . . . Uni . . . ! Come here, please! I need you…. I need you, baby….“

M : “Yes, Madam. What’s up, bro? Check it out, check it out, yo, yo, yo….”

G : “ Why are you so long? What are you doing there?”

M : “I’m washing your bedcover Madam. You know, there was much drool on it. It was so terrible.”

G : “Ah…. Don’t over react! I am not that slovenly person.”

M : “That’s true Madam. Even, one big sachet of detergent wouldn’t be enough to make the smell gone.”

G : “Really?”

M : “Of course. That’s why I spend much money to buy detergent only.”

G : “Well, enough. I ask you to come here because I want to ask. Is there any letter for me today?”

M : “Emmmmmm, oh yes Madam. There are many bills that we have to pay.”

G : “ Ah, we have got it since last month. I ask about the others.”

M : “Emmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……………………….”

G : “Do not take long time please!”

M : “Oh yes Madam. There is one more letter. It is a wedding party invitation.”

G : “Whose wedding?”

M : “The daughter of the landlord who lives next to our house.”


M : “Will you come Madam?”

G : “No, I won’t. I don’t really like that kind of party. It’s boring!”

M : “Why not Madam? Who knows you will find you’re a handsome prince there? Might be. hahahaha..”

G : “What do you mean? Do you mock me?”

M : “No Madam. How could I mock my lady.”

G : “Ok. I suggest you to come to that party as my representative.”

M : “Oh really Madam? Wow, thank you Madam. I hope I’ll find my boy there.” (smile)

G : “Hah? How confident you are! Is there someone who will interest with you? I guess they will approach you because they feel pity.”

M : “How could you say so, Madam? You know, yesterday someone sent me a message. He asked me whether I was tired or not, and I got confused when reading  that message on my hand phone.  Then, I said that I was not tired at all. And, his replying message is like this:

No, my honey.

I’m really sure that you’re tired now.

It’s because you always run in my heart.

Wooowww, how cool it is! I think, the sentences that you said just now should be given to yourself, Madam. You have been old now. But, you haven’t got a man to marry with.”

G : “Oh, do you think that there was no boy who loves me when I was in your age? You are totally wrong.”

M : “Really? So, why don’t you marry with him, your love?”

G : “That was a long story. Do you want to hear it?”

M : “Yes, I’d love to.”

G : “So, this is the story. One day … “


Fikri : “Wowwwww, she is almost beautiful.”
Bryan: “No, she is beautiful.”

Genting : “Yea, she is so beautiful.”

Fikri : “I agree with you, guys.”

Bryan : “You are really not consistent. It’s so bad.”

Genting: “Hey, I will be the one who will get her. You guys just wait and see.”

Fikri : “Why are you so confident boy? Why you have to make her become yours?”

Bryan : “Hey, you both will not get her. She likes the boy who is good in sport and that is me, perhaps.”

Fikri : “I know you are expert in sport, but I am better than you. How then?”

Genting : “Hey, look at me. I have big stomach and chubby cheeks.”

Bryan : “Do not you see, I have big muscle. Look at this.”

Genting : “But my stomach is stronger than your muscle.”

Fikri: “I know it, guys. Do not open your cards. You are embarrassing me. Now let’s check the girl out.”

The girl walk past the boys. The boys then started  whistling.

Girl: “What kind of animal sound is that?”

Genting: “That is a sound of a bird.”

Bryan: “Wow, what a great bird is that.”

Fikri : “Which bird?”

Bryan : “Just forget it. It’s not good to be discussed.”

Genting : “Hi girl! We all like you. Who will you choose between three of us?”

Girl : “You have to show me something!”

Fikri : “Which thing you want me to show?”

Bryan : “I have the strongest one.”

Girl : “Which one?”

Bryan : “I mean my muscle.”

Genting : “I have the biggest one.”

Girl : “Which one?”

Genting : “I mean my stomach.”

Fikri : “I have the longest one.”

Girl  : “Which one?”

Fikri : “I mean my legs.”

Girl : “Great, you all have unique strength. I am confused, which one that I have to choose. The biggest, the strongest or the longest. Do you have other thing to show to me?”

Genting, Bryan, Fikri : “We have none.”

The boys played zap game. But, Devy directly stopped it. Finally, Devy decided to choose it by choosing the paper of their names. And, Genting’s name was taken out.

Devy : “And, the boy is Genting!”

Genting : (looked so happy) “Hurraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!”

Devy : “But, I have something to tell you.”

Genting : “What is that, my honey?”

Devy : “Whatever happens, you have to feel comfortable when we are together.”

Genting : “Why?”

Devy : “Because every 5 minutes, I need to fart.”

Genting : “Oh, nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

Genting and friends directly run away from Devy. Now, Devy is alone. Genting is the thousandth boy who did the same thing to Devy.


M : “Madam, actually what is the name of that boy?”

G : “His name is Genting Sholata Sya.”

M : “Genting Sholata Sya? Oh, I know who he is. He is the jengkol seller  in market on the corner.”

G : “Really? I can’t believe it.”

M : “Let’s see, and go to the market.”

In the market ….

Genting : “Jengkol… Jengkol… Jengkol… Jengkol…”

G : “Are you Genting Sholata Sya?”

Genting : “Yes, I am. And, who are you?”

G : “I am Cinta Laura. Don’t you still remember me?”

Genting : “Of course, I know you so well. Along this last 40 years, I was looking for you.”

G : “But then, why you left me when I had chosen you to be my boy?”

Genting : “Because I’m so shy.”

G : “Why?”

Genting : “I was also a boy who always farted every 5 minutes, and I am so now. I am afraid if we are together, the smell will go everywhere, and no one wants to visit our house.”

G : “It’s okay, Genting. Farting is not everything. You’re still the one I love.”

Genting : “Let’s create a farting family.”


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